Welridge Academy would like to announce it’s health and safety awareness programme as of the 1st September 2018.

The health and safety aspect in a school is a very important factor for a parent as they are leaving their children in our hands. With the health and safety month we are reinforcing basic safety precautions with the learners so they can deal with certain situations in a calm manner if it arises.
We all have the right to education in a safe environment. We have the right to health care and a clean environment. Children are the future and we need to keep them safe and educated about what is good and bad. We at Welridge Academy value our learners and want to give them a safe environment where they can grow and learn.

We will be covering children’s responsibilities, stranger danger, fire and evacuation and health and safety. Their first project will be a children’s rights and responsibility poster and a play about stranger danger. Then we will start incorporating the fire drills and emergency alarms. These are important as the kids need to learn the different kind of alarms so the learners can be safe in different situations. These pre-cautions are put in place to protect our learners and staff.

Our trained teachers will advise the learners where the assembly points are and what to do once, they get there. We have trained fire marshals, first aiders and evacuation officers at the school to keep learners safe and have safety procedures in place to make sure everything runs smoothly.

e-mail info@welridge.co.za for further information on our health and safety programme.

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