Our minds work in mysterious ways and I strongly believe that a happy mind, leads to a happy life.  Happiness, together with the feeling of being content within ourselves and our lives, triggers positivity, and with that, a sense of gratification – all of which is imperative in belief in oneself and thereafter, fulfilment in one’s life.  When a learner is happy, he/she is more susceptible and eager to learn and embrace their academic experiences but because the learner is free from negativity therefore, unrestricted and able to perform.  We like to think that our behaviours and our minds begins at home.  We come from our homes to school and back again to where we live, where our attitude and values are influenced by the attitudes and values of our families.

We seem to carry our baggage with us wherever we go, and we need to be mindful that our children do too.  All learners follow by example.  Which is why having a set home structure, strong values and a routine is so important.  This then can be brought to school and the learners can also learn from each other.  We need to stand together as a family and support our children in a positive way throughout their lives.

Cleo Demetriades

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