Do sport really benefit a child, decreasing health issues? Is sport really that important to a child?

Over the years debates has been argued about the importance of sport and has it been disputed that sport is not necessary and doesn’t have an impact on an individual’s life.

My argument towards this very interesting and important topic.

Sport is an important factor in development not only children’s life’s but also adults. A physically active body stimulates the mind and keeps a good balance between healthy thinking and a healthy body.  There is a lot of other benefits to sport and exercise than just keeping a balanced mind and body, it also decreases the chances of obesity, Heart diseases and diabetes.

Being active and doing sport as a child also helps with depression, keeping those unhealthy thoughts clear and building up the self-esteem. Feeling good about yourself makes confidence grow and increase performance on sport and academical level.

Participating in sport also teaches children to adapt to certain situations also helps them to develop leadership skill, working together in a team to solve problems, create ideas and finally to execute the ideas to solve their problem. All these skills are used throughout live and in different scenarios.

Sport or any physical activity is important to the health status of a Child. Sport not necessarily just include Netball, Soccer, Rugby, hockey exc. but can consist out of smaller activities like walking with their pets. Even the smallest exercises 15 – 20 minutes a day can make an extraordinary difference in a child’s live.

A healthy nutrition plan also connects strongly with sport activities. It is extremely necessary to get enough vitamins and minerals in to keep the body healthy, get enough carbohydrates as an energy source to be active while participating in sports, get enough protein to repair in build muscles and oils and fats to protect the joints in your body.

It is up to the parent to help their children making the correct choices and giving them the opportunity the be physically active and healthy.

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