Ideas make a massive difference, they have a tendency to improve,  motivate and innovate. Welridge Academy is passionate about the creation of growth mindsets. With us, each learner has the ability to come up with life changing ideas and to reap the benefits.

Learners who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset. They tend to achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset (those who believe their talents are innate gifts). This is because they worry less about looking the part and can actually deliver on demand.

Growth mindset has become a buzzword in many high schools, even working its way into their mission statements. We assist learners gear up and prepare for a life of idea’s and delivery.

Developing A Growth Mindset 

Here are 8 techniques, we recommend to parents in order to develop a growth mindset: (by  Dr. Carol S. Dweck)

1. Create A New Compelling Belief

Create a new compelling belief by believing your talents and skills can be honed by applying oneself. It is the consistent effort and enjoyment of one’s chosen path in life that illuminates the road to mastery.

2. View Failure In A Different Light

Failure is the time to apply extra effort to significantly improve your results. Failure is what you do and understanding what you can learn from it. Remember, it is not who you are as a human being.

3. Sky Rocket Your Self-Awareness
Become acutely aware of your many gifts and talents. Fully comprehend your key strengths and weaknesses. Ask others for feedback such as your closest friends, family members, boss and colleagues as they can offer slightly different views and give you an overall perspective on what to focus on and areas for development.

4. Become A Curious Learner

Act like a child does on a daily basis, live in wonderment and discover the beauty of life. Decide today, to continually focus on learning and growing. Begin by asking more questions and being more curious about everyone you meet, the journey they have been on and what they can teach you.

5. Challenges Are Your New Best Friend

Those with a growth mindset excel with challenges. Challenges propel them forward towards their goals, it is the fuel that inevitably helps them rise to the top. It is all about learning and taking positive action time and time again. No matter how far they fall, they continue to get back up to begin playing the game once more.

6. Love Takes You To The Top

Those with a growth mindset whom naturally love what they do, rise to the top more organically. With some of them having no aspirations to go there, it is purely a spin-off from doing what they absolutely love and continuing to do so with all of their heart and soul even when faced with adversity and challenges.

7. Tenacity That Ignites

The tenacity forms part of their character and is an essential ingredient in becoming unstoppable. Giving up is not part of their vocabulary, they have a goal and won’t stop until they arrive.

Tenacity is an essential ingredient to one’s success, without it one will falter, slip and inevitably fall to the lowest levels. This is what separates a novice from a champion.

8. Massively Inspired By Others

Those with a growth mindset love to see others reach the echelons of success. This add more fuel to their blazing fire that is alight within and helps them continue their journey. Watching others succeed liberates their soul as to the possibilities of life.

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