Welridge_MrsSonettaNortjeFoundation phase Gr 2


Mrs Nortjé has a combined experience of four years, teaching from Gr R right up to Gr 3.


Mrs Nortjé is a very creative person who likes to draw and paint in her spare time.  She also likes to be active and is a proud captain of a mixed netball team where she also plays the position of a goal shooter.  She is happily married and enjoys life to the fullest. 

Mrs Nortjé strives for perfection, giving her all in everything she does, whether it be on the netball court, at home with her family, or next to the athletics track. Her biggest pride and joy are her children in her class and this being said, she would do everything and anything that is possible and reasonable.

If Mrs Nortjé had a super power, she would Psychokinesis ability.  Because moving things with your mind can be quite cool.