Welridge_MsAllindevanHeerden(HOD) Foundation phase Gr 1


Mrs van Heerden has 4 years teaching experience in our Foundation phase.


In her spare time, Ms van Heerden loves to workout at the gym.  It gives her a rewarding feeling and the opportunity to interact with people who share the same passion.  In addition to this, she enhances her knowledge by attending art stimulating training in child education, like a variety of Mind move courses.  She also loves art as it is a bread away opportunity and gives her time to relax and be creative.  She adores animals. Ms van Heerden has recently been appointed to be part of a NGO which supports and distributes funds to an underprivileged Autism school. Ms van Heerden loves her children unconditionally and believes that education is to guide the child to love and accept themselves.  To discover their strengths and weaknesses so that they can give their meaningful contribution to society.

If Ms van Heerden had a super power, it would be to chase away all the witches out of fairytales and put a plaster on every broken heart.