Deputy Principal – Ms Jana Joubert


TED Jnr Primary Potchefstroom


Ms Joubert started teaching in 1974 (44 years ago) as a Gr 1 teacher.  She intended to teach Gr 1 for the rest of her life, as she experience it to be the most rewarding grade to teach.   Somewhere along her walk on earth, a principal thought it good to make her teach a history class to Gr 7 learners.  That changed the course of her life.


Spare time? What is that? After making her learner’s worksheets and preparing for all her lessons, Ms Joubert loves to get lots in gardening (which works like a work-out-in-gym).  During school holidays she has to get normal by doing retail therapy!  Ms Joubert was once the proud owner of her very own Gymnastic school where she coached artistic gymnasts up to National level. 

Ms Loubser (our very own principal) was one of her top students! From an education point, Ms Joubert shares her expert knowledge and experience in a loving and caring way.  Lucky for all of us, its not only our learners who receive this, but teacher and parents as well.

If Ms Joubert had a super power, it would be to play piano like Rocco de Villiers!