Welridge_MrsShenaKrugerFoundation phase Senior / intermediate phase Gr 1


Ms Kruger started off as a teacher’s assistant / substitute teacher.  She proved herself over and over and now teaches her own classes.  Ms Kruger teaches Emotional development in our foundation phase as well as Life skills, Art and Social Science in our Intermediate / Senior phase.


Ms Kruger is a very talented choreographer and worked on projects with Krugersdorp High School as well as our Winter dance festival 2018. She also boasts with dancing competitively for 14 years.  This active young lady also plays netball, loves to travel and is currently planning her upcoming wedding.

Ms Kruger makes a positive impact and helps out wherever she can.  She is key in helping children understand their uniqueness and guides them to embracing this through her dancing and drama techniques.  Through this, she also creates opportunities for our children to express themselves, without being limited.

If Ms Kruger had a super power, she would have the power of omnilinguilism.  She is big on people and this power would give her the ability to connect with different people, from different backgrounds, places and cultures.