Welridge_JanineWith our motto, Crafting for Excellence, we strive to provide every learner with the opportunity to reach their full potential in every aspect of their life.

As principal, I believe that every child is born to be different, each with their own personality, view on life, background, circumstances and so forth, yet we need to guide them to fit into a system called society, with a very specific picture and expectation of what is seen as being successful.  

For this reason, we find it imperative to provide our learners with social and emotional skills to equip them for the future.

Because our teachers have a passion for teaching, academics is of high importance even though we have a philosophy that academics is not enough to meet the needs of today’s student. Our enthusiastic, talented staff encourage our learners to think positively and celebrate their achievements, whilst instilling discipline and respect.

We look at each child holistically and therefore see the relationship between the parents, teachers and learners as a partnership that need to work together in harmony to achieve excellence.

To ensure this successful bond we do Edu profiling with our learners. Through this we are able to establish the best fit between the learner and his environment.

With a role of approximately 250 children, Welridge Academy is big enough for students to learn  social, competitive, creative and problem solving aspects of life, yet small enough for them to express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment where staff know them personally.

I am happy and proud to say that every morning I look forward to yet another fulfilled educational day spent with smiles, laughter, hugs and blessings.