Pre – school

We have a team of nurturing staff who recognise the great importance of the first steps that children take on their path to learning. The formative years in the Foundation phase provide the base for the challenges as well as opportunities. The significance of the choice parents must make in selecting a school is vital to ensure their children have the best opportunity available and we at Welridge Academy are extremely mindful of our role.

It is our strong belief that the outstanding results we achieve within the Foundation phase are a result of the dedicated work of our fantastic and highly motivated team. Our staff work tirelessly to ensure that we provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment in which our children can learn and develop. Our marvellous facilities that we enjoy at our school, coupled with the happy and friendly environment make our setting a wonderful place for our children to flourish. It is here where the development of handcrafted for excellence starts.


Our staff in after care are carefully selected in order to work as one team together with our teachers.  This ensures consistency and provides the same nurturing environment throughout the day, be it during class time, or after school.   Our aftercare as well as our holiday programs provide children with adventures and opportunities that are child-led, engaging children’s imaginations and creativity, with an emphasis on using the outdoor environment. 

As we help the children learn and grow, we are also reflecting and learning how we can provide better or more enhanced learning experiences. This enables us to keep the children motivated to reach their next steps in learning.


Our driver, Nick joined the Welridge family in 2015.  Nick is a highly experienced and qualified driver and thus ensures a fun and safe way to travel.  What makes Nick special is that he loves our little humans and in turn is also adored.

The Team that keeps the school going!

Maintenance staff

They mostly go unnoticed, but our maintenance staff play an extremely important role in the running of our school.  They are responsible for general cleaning and minor and sometimes major maintenance duties.  They maintain our buildings, adjacent walks and grounds.  They are also responsible for keeping our equipment in clean, orderly and in a functional condition. They provide assistance to all our staff, visitors and other employees when necessary and ensure that our little humans have a safe and clean environment. When you greet them, it will make their day.

 Kitchen staff

Our amazing kitchen staff have an extremely important role and thus perform lots of different functions in the kitchen area. They ensure that dishes are clean by cleaning cookware and other utensils used by our little humans and make sure that the supply of cookware for food preparation is adequate and functional.  Hygiene, health and safety is optimal and with a carefully planned menu, our little ones are given a hearty meal which is good for them. 

Admin staff

Our dynamic administrative team, that consists of ladies are experts in multitasking. They perform a variety of not only administrative tasks, but also financial and clerical duties.  They support our teachers and general staff and nothing is ever too much to ask. Our admin ladies are also experts at kissing a scrapped knee, pulling a loose tooth and giving hugs.  In fact, we would go so far as to say that they are definitely super hero’s in disguise.